Team Performance

Our actor-based workshops are an exciting and efficient way of meeting a range of skills development outcomes.
Our experiential approach works well in bringing any behavioural frameworks to life and enabling opportunity for critiquing and experimenting with the difference between underlying intention and actual impact of language and non verbal behaviours.

The focus may be broadly on the dramas that arise in any interaction, or may be for specific skill sets such as assertiveness and managing conflict, supervision and coaching

The Actor Factor: Participants identify challenging interactions they wish to explore and are encouraged to describe specific behaviours and their impact. Actor-facilitators portray these behaviours authentically whilst retaining a focus on the individual and programme learning goals. This enables them to support the learner in recognising habit and trying out different responses.

Throughout the programme individuals are encouraged to recognise the positive impact of even subtle behavioural change within these simulated workplace interactions. Increased self-awareness and practice enables participants to identify specific ‘take-aways’ to ensure that learning is transferable back into the workplace.

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