Our Approach

“If you want to be successful – think theatre” Charles Handy

We use a unique combination of theatre and training tools to enhance learning and development.

Using these tools provides an exciting and efficient way of working with behavioural change. The process uses a reflective cycle essential for personal development and emphasising the application of emotional intelligence. Our key facilitators are actively involved in research in this field, reviewing and refining approaches to maximise transferable learning.

At the heart of our work is the alignment of organisational and individual values & beliefs as the drivers for behaviour in the workplace. We also work with a deep understanding of behavioural change, and the steps required to change habits. Self-awareness of the need to change then requires the courage to try new behaviours, and we provide the safe environment and support that enables individuals to move outside their comfort zone and experience the benefits of experimenting and practice.

Our work therefore brings high challenge with low risk, and with embedded individual, team and leadership goals that enable participants to formulate actions to transfer this learning into the workplace and see real benefits for the organisation.

Relationships with Clients

Our relationships with our clients are key to our success. We ensure that we fully audit your organisation’s culture and values as well as any individual competencies required for specific roles. From this we then design a fully tailored programme for delivery within your environment using the best and most suitable people for your needs.

Whatever the programme, facilitator and peer feedback is part of the process. The positive impact of even subtle behavioural change within often challenging workplace interactions is powerful feedback. Relevance and tailoring to your team and organisation ensures that learning is transferable back into the workplace.

Examples of Popular Programmes

Our Team Leadership programme can involve tailor made scripts linked to your team’s real life experiences.
Stimulating working methods across all the programmes may include forum theatre, small group coaching and filmed clips based on case studies and personal narratives.

Presentation skills

Our Presentation Skills programmes use masterclass approaches to helping people discover and use the best of themselves. Expert demonstration is combined with small group and individual skills coaching. This focuses on both the management of any inner anxiety that compromises performance, and the development of key skills that enhance personal impact.

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