About Us

ActorFactor is a long-established and unique collaboration that was founded in 2001 by Emma Brown and Gillie Stoneham.

We aim to facilitate positive individual and organisational change through a rich, exciting and dynamic learning environment that combines theatre skills such as roleplay, forum and other experiential techniques with expert coaching.

At the heart of our work is the drama that plays out in any interaction, whether one-on-one, in teams or larger presentations.

We use acting skills to explore situations dynamically with you, facilitating behavioural change that results in greater personal impact.

We use coaching skills to focus learning on what is most relevant for transfer into the workplace to increase effectiveness.

Gillie Stoneham (07740186752)

Our Team outlines the unique skills of our key associates. In addition, we provide skilled role play actors of all ages and backgrounds from our large database.

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Tel : 07740186752
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